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Energy Safety Canada

H2S Alive 

Safety Training on Vancouver Island

Oil and Gas safety training on Vancouver Island


Energy Safety Canada's H2S Alive course is the industry standard for Hydrogen Sulphide (poisonous gas) safety training and most energy companies require their employees to have an H2S Alive ticket.


Canadian Critical Sour Safety, Ltd. has been proudly offering H2S Alive training on Vancouver Island, British Columbia since 2015 and has been providing the course to the industry since 1996. 



We are an Authorized Training Provider for Energy Safety Canada for both the H2S Alive course and the H2S Alive Blended Renewal course. We offer these courses right here on Vancouver Island to workers in the oil and gas industry, the pulp and paper industry, people working in the waste water and landfill industries as well as others who need the training.

H2S Alive Training

H2S Alive 

A one day classroom option

H2S Alive Blended Renewal


Online training plus hands on renewal,

if your ticket hasn't expired yet.


Go to our FAQ page to find an answer to most often asked questions


Leroy is one of the best instructors that I have ever had in taking H2S and first aid courses in the past 25 years. He is clear, articulate, knowledgeable and focuses on pertinent info repeatedly so one can actually learn content. He is great!

Mike C.

One of the best instructors I have ever had in any safety course. Very well spoken with a massive amount of experience in the oil and gas industry. Would highly recommend this course to anyone

James L.

Combination of experience and training gave this instructor the credibility to conduct a very thorough course and his demeanour and delivery provided for open learning. Great course!

Jesse R.


Leroy Christenson is the founder and owner of Canadian Critical Sour Safety, Ltd. He has worked in the oil patch since the 1980s. He had experience on service rigs, drilling rigs and facilities before he became an H2S Safety Supervisor in 1994. Two years later, he became a certified instructor for the H2S Alive program.


Leroy brings enthusiasm, experience and humor into the classroom to make the eight-hour course as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for the students.

Leroy Christenson, NCSO

Leroy Christenson, NCSO

Certified instructor and authorized provider for the H2S Alive course.

Founder and Owner of Canadian Critical Sour Safety, Ltd.


Leroy Christenson,

Canadian Critical Sour Safety, Ltd.

Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

250 . 263 . 4400

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