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Who We Are?

Providing H2S Alive Course on Vancouver Island, British Columbia


The company

Canadian Critical Sour Safety Ltd.

Energy Safety Canada's H2S Alive course is the industry standard for Hydrogen Sulphide (poisonous gas) safety training and most energy companies require their employees to have an H2S Alive ticket.


Canadian Critical Sour Safety has been proudly offering this training on Vancouver Island, British Columbia since 2015 and to the industry since 1996. 

Canadian Critical Sour Safety, Ltd. proudly offers H2S Alive Courses on Vancouver Island, BC
H2S Alive

H2S Alive

About the Course / Ticket

  • It is the Industry Standard.

  • The ticket gets you onto all sites throughout Western Canada.

  • Accepted on drilling rigs, service rigs, facilities, pipelines, trucking, etc.

  • The ticket is valid for 3 years.

  • It is a one day course (8 am sharp - 4 pm).

  • You receive your real ticket at the end of the class.

  • Students try on Breathing Apparatus & demonstrate rescue techniques.

  • H2S Alive is most likely the first ticket an employer looks for on a resume.

  • A student can have facial hair in class, but will likely need to be clean shaven to work at the job site.

About the Class Day

  • You need to bring your photo id.

  • Class starts at 8:00 am sharp and runs until 4 pm.

  • You are given a manual to keep.

  • If you are late, your seat might be given to someone on a waiting list.

  • Each student must try on a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and demonstrate rescue techniques.

  • There is a 35 question multiple choice exam at the end of the day (70% is required to pass).

  • A thorough review of material is done prior to writing the exam.

  • An oral option for the exam is available for dyslexia / anxiety etc.

  • You are handed your ticket at the end of the class. Don't lose it!

Get your H2S Alive Certificate
Blended Renewal

Blended Renewal

Step 1 - Online via Energy Safety Canada

Step 2 - Practical via Canadian Critical Sour Safety 


  • Do you have a current H2S Alive ticket due to expire within the next 90 days?

  • Do you want to avoid sitting in class for the day? If you said yes to the above two questions, maybe you'd like to renew your ticket using the Blended Renewal option. 

Step 1​ - Online

  • Classroom portion done online via Energy Safety Canada.

  • Classroom portion of the course is done with your own PC, Laptop, Ipad, smart phone (the device must have a camera so you can show your photo id and they can observe you writing the exam).

  • You will be sent an email confirming you have passed the exam and you will be given your student id number which you will need for Step 2.


Step 2 - Practical

  • Hands on Physical portion (SCBA / rescue techniques) done via Canadian Critical Sour Safety Ltd.

  • Contact us (250 263 4400) to schedule the assessment and provide us with your student id number.

  • At the assessment, you will physically try on an SCBA and demonstrate rescue techniques.

  • You will receive your ticket after successful completion of the physical tests.

  • You can repeat this process every 3 years (as long as your ticket does NOT expire).

  • Please contact us to make arrangements with us to try on pack / rescue techniques.

Do you have a current H2S Alive ticket due to expire? Blended Renewal might be the right option for you.
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