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FAQ about our H2S Alive Energy Safety Canada Courses


Take a look below. We might have an answer for that question you have about our courses. We are here to help.

How long is the ticket valid for?

The Energy Safety Canada H2S ticket is valid for 3 years.

How much does it cost?

$220 plus $11 GST for a total of $231.

Is the ticket valid in Alberta?

The course we offer is the industry standard and will get you onto all the oil and gas industry sites throughout Canada. This used to be called the Enform H2S Alive course and now it has been re-branded as the Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course.

Can I take the less expensive online course instead?

Possibly.... but not too likely. The online classes are usually much less expensive (usually $40 - $50) and might get you onto location, but they are rarely accepted. We encourage you to ask your employer to see if those tickets will suffice. (We want you to save time and money too). But, far too often, we see students taking those courses only to find out they still need to take our industry standard H2S Alive course to go to work.

Do I have to be clean shaven to come to class?

No. As a student, you can come to class with facial hair. But, the industry standard is to be clean shaven, so you will likely need to shave to get onto the job site.

I 've lost my ticket. How do I get a replacement?

If you have lost your H2S Alive ticket, simply go to and sign in to your account. (If you do not already have an account, it is easy to create one.) In your account, go to "Certifications" and click "Order Reprint" for the ticket(s) you want replaced. NOTE: There is a fee for this.

What are the payment options?

Most people register and make payment through the website using Stripe. Other alternative payment options include E transfers and if you have a preference to not process anything online, you can even make arrangements to bring cash to class.

What do I have to bring to class?

The only thing you need to bring to class is valid photo Id such as a current driver's license or passport. You will be given a manual to keep. You are certainly welcome to bring you own pen, notebook, coffee cup and / or lunch (lunch is not provided).

Is it a two day course?

This is a one day course. Starting at 8 am and running until 4 pm. Energy Safety Canada will allow the course to be ran over more than one day in special circumstances, but that must be arranged prior to the course starting.

What are the hours?

The class starts at 8 am. Do not be late. If you are late, your seat might be given to someone who is on the waiting list and has decided to be on hand to take an empty seat at 8 am.

If you are going to be late please send a text to 250 263 4400 to ask that your seat be held for you (up to a maximum of 30 minutes).

I have dyslexia and don't do well with exams, can I still pass the course?

There is a verbal option to take the exam. The process is to let all the other students finish and receive their tickets and when the class is empty, we administer the verbal exam. The questions (and answers) are asked by the instructor and the student chooses the best multiple choice or true / false answer.

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